The pros and cons essay in English is one of the most common types of essay, and it is one of the most difficult. In this essay, you will need to consider some of the phenomenon of the surrounding world and analyze its positive and negative aspects. Of particular difficulty is the fact that you must be objective in the consideration of the issue. Both the arguments “for” and the arguments “against” in such an essay should be approximately equal, and there should be an equal number, or at least a comparable number of

Your personal attitude to the question, you can express only in the conclusion, and it is desirable that it is not visible in the main part of the essay. It is also important to include those arguments that you yourself do not consider valid or true, but that other people consider as such. In this case, you can dispute them, but this must be done by giving objective arguments or data. Directly express your disagreement is not worth it – for this there is an essay-opinion (Opinion Essay).